Raise the roof on your property’s potential with RENU’s Renovation Management Services

Created by onsite RENU personnel and the pre-selected vendor, a comprehensive scope of work ensures that all assets are improved to RENU’s standard, with the goal of enhancing marketability and reducing maintenance costs

Preferred pricing is dictated by RENU, leveraging partnerships with well-known suppliers, in turn optimizing the time needed to develop, review and approve scopes

With regularly scheduled onsite visits and inspections, our field and corporate team collaborate to enforce and facilitate compliance with RENU standards and specifications, through job completion and vendor payment

Stringent quality control measures ensure investors get what they pay for, and residents experience a quality rental

Thorough vetting of contractors and active monitoring using proprietary, RENU-created vendor scorecards ensure quality workmanship

Renovations Completed
Turnovers Completed
Vendors onboarded, trained and active with RENU
Property visits completed annually (by RENU employees)
Days between vacant property visits by RENU employees
Work orders processed annually

Gain An Edge

Elevate Properties with RENU’s Renovation Expertise. Our innovative designs, cost-effective solutions, and rapid turnaround times breathe new life into your assets, boosting their value and appeal.


We raise investor expectations by consistently delivering outstanding results.

Proprietary Analytics Platform

RENU’s proprietary technology powered by 15+ years of sale and rental listing data enables clients to streamline their property acquisition endeavors with speed and precision.

Centralized Management

Centralized command uniquely positioned within our business helps protect our clients’ investment by ensuring operating procedures and quality control are upheld throughout the entire property lifecycle.

Local Operations

Stationed boots on the ground with invaluable local market knowledge oversee construction projects, maintenance, and security, providing our clients with on-site visibility and peace of mind.