Asset Management

Scale the heights of property management success. RENU can elevate your entire portfolio.

We bring a comprehensive approach, leveraging our robust infrastructure, streamlined processes, and strategic partners to seamlessly integrate new clients with diverse growth strategies. Our asset management team is there from the start to champion our clients through the entire onboarding process using a tested methodology that supports large-scale data migrations.

Decisions controlled by people, empowered by technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models applied to our rich data environment with 15+ years of rental and sale listings enable our asset management team and clients alike to make informed revenue decisions that optimize revenue.

Experience the advantage of real-time data and performance analytics offered through a range of pre-built and custom data solutions tailored to your needs. Our asset management team maintains a holistic view of your portfolio grounded in a deep understanding of the property lifecycle.

Built for institutions, ranging from monthly reporting packages to entity-level reporting across multiple financing structures. Approved as an SFR operator by the top lenders and rating agencies with active participation in the success of AAA-rated securitizations – our track record speaks for itself. We track loan concentration limits, vacancy thresholds, and DSCR triggers in-house using risk management tools and forecasting models for clients that take full advantage of our reporting capabilities

In Assets Managed
Investors Served
Units Onboarded from other Managers
Securitizations Closed ($1.2B)
Approved Lenders

Gain An Edge

Gain an Edge in Asset Management with RENU. Our meticulous attention to detail, data-driven decisions, and proactive strategies ensure your investments thrive, maximizing your returns.


We raise investor expectations by consistently delivering outstanding results.

Proprietary Analytics Platform

RENU’s proprietary technology powered by 15+ years of sale and rental listing data enables clients to streamline their property acquisition endeavors with speed and precision.

Centralized Management

Centralized command uniquely positioned within our business helps protect our clients’ investment by ensuring operating procedures and quality control are upheld throughout the entire property lifecycle.

Local Operations

Stationed boots on the ground with invaluable local market knowledge oversee construction projects, maintenance, and security, providing our clients with on-site visibility and peace of mind.