Experience the power of RENU’s proprietary and cutting-edge acquisition platform.

We deliver industry-leading underwriting precision. Our platform delivers precise rent and tax forecasts with an astonishing 0.3% positive variance from underwrite, backed by T12 cashflows that set new standards in accuracy.

Leverage RENU’s extensive local broker networks, experts in uncovering an array of off-market gems and private, unlisted assets.

With a rich 15-year MLS history that chronicles every rent and sale, our technology is uniquely equipped to predict sellers, meticulously track available properties, and swiftly submit offers on any coveted asset that comes to market. At RENU, we bring you opportunities that others can only dream of.

Our meticulous process includes comprehensive HOA and CCR reviews, guaranteeing rental compliance before closing the deal. At RENU, we’re known for our reputation as the fastest and most accurate closers in the industry. The seamless efficiency of RENU’s in-house technology, coupled with our exclusive title relationships make this process one of precision and speed.

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Gain An Edge

Gain an Edge in Property Acquisition with RENU. Our meticulous attention to detail, data-driven decisions, and proactive strategies ensure your investments thrive, maximizing your returns.


We raise investor expectations by consistently delivering outstanding results.

Proprietary Analytics Platform

RENU’s proprietary technology powered by 15+ years of sale and rental listing data enables clients to streamline their property acquisition endeavors with speed and precision.

Centralized Management

Centralized command uniquely positioned within our business helps protect our clients’ investment by ensuring operating procedures and quality control are upheld throughout the entire property lifecycle.

Local Operations

Stationed boots on the ground with invaluable local market knowledge oversee construction projects, maintenance, and security, providing our clients with on-site visibility and peace of mind.