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RENU’s proven track record, deep industry expertise, and mature technology stack present the optimal management solution for any investor in the SFR sector.

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Empowering Investors with Tech Supremacy

Tech at Your Service. RENU’s Investor Center boasts a cutting-edge tech stack that secures success from acquisition and renovation to property and asset management at any scale.

Masters of Scale

Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to rise. Our full vertical solutions encompass all aspects of property management, making RENU the undisputed leader in the industry, expanding portfolios nationwide.

Experience the power of RENU’s proprietary and cutting-edge acquisition platform. With our tech-enabled and AI-augmented system, we offer a unique advantage when it comes to property acquisition. Our platform goes above and beyond, analyzing over 50,000 acquisition opportunities every week from more than 30 MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

We redefine renovation with precision and innovation. We’ve partnered with local contractors across our markets, allowing us to expertly manage the process and pricing in each city. Our tech-driven approach, guided by local market representatives, ensures seamless construction. Through these strong connections, we’ve established lasting relationships with our trusted construction teams, setting new industry standards saving time, complexity, and money.

Unlock the advantages of RENU’s property management services. Our comprehensive range of services include: leasing, resident relations, maintenance, rent collection, and turnovers. What sets us apart is our centralized management approach, ensuring standardization across all our operating markets and across verticals providing everything clients need in one place.

We offer a comprehensive range of asset management services and an experienced team with the insight and technology to manage SFR portfolios at scale. We’re a strategic partner with a disciplined approach to asset management that achieves measurable and sustainable results for our clients.


We raise investor expectations by consistently delivering outstanding results.

Proprietary Analytics Platform

RENU’s proprietary technology powered by 15+ years of sale and rental listing data enables clients to streamline their property acquisition endeavors with speed and precision.

Centralized Management

Centralized command uniquely positioned within our business helps protect our clients’ investment by ensuring operating procedures and quality control are upheld throughout the entire property lifecycle.

Local Operations

Stationed boots on the ground with invaluable local market knowledge oversee construction projects, maintenance, and security, providing our clients with on-site visibility and peace of mind.

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Jumpstart with a call that’s geared towards your success. We’ll delve into your portfolio goals, brainstorm opportunities, and develop a tailored strategy that champions your investments. It’s the first step in a partnership aimed at transforming your real estate vision into tangible wins.

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